Providing real value to real members

11 April 2016: Today, we learned about an association network’s mailing list transformation into another so-called ‘society of association executives‘, on the occasion of a congress taking place in Berlin. ESAE is in no way associated to the congress nor does it endorse the organiser’s surprising announcement about its change in name. Each year, our European Society of Association Executives (ESAE, AssociationExecutives.EU), …

Association Stewardship

Association Stewardship

Serving Current & Future Members Through Sustainable Strategy To be successful in today’s volatile, globalised environment, associations need to find ways of keeping up with the changing world. This requires a new, more proactive approach to association planning and a more inclusive concept of leadership. Three seminal publications have been addressing this very need for more inclusive, sustainable strategies and leadership: …

Evaluating to survive & excel


A successful organisation will meets its objectives, but an excellent organisation demonstrates impressive achievement and inspires a loyal following. When you only measure progress toward objectives, you are missing the most important driver of excellence, evaluating and communicating. If you say “this year, we’ll deliver 100,000 more free emergency meals than last year,” you need to quantitatively measure actual donations, …

Social Media: Just do it!

Social Media

There’s no question that associations must implement and impactfully use social media channels. Any leading association knows this. If you want to lead, you can do it even if you face budget constraints. Don’t delay any further. My motivational message to you today is: think ‘persona.’

ESAE Annual General Meeting Announced

ESAE Members - European Association Leaders

The Board of Directors agreed to hold the 2016 Annual General Meeting of the ESAE on 3 June 2016 in Brussels. ESAE members are invited to register their attendance, appoint a replacement or name their proxy via the online AGM registration form. Here, suggestions for the agenda can also be added. The exact time and a detailed agenda will be …

Dealing with the Threat of Terrorism

Brussels LockDown

The Brussels lockdown has not only shown the disruptive force of the thread of terrorism, it is estimated to have cost €51.7 million per day, counting both the outlay on security and lost business income. How can association meeting organisers deal with such a thread? On 26 January, the Echo posted an article stating that the Brussels lockdown in late …