Social Broadcasting for Associations

AssociationExecutives.EU is exploring social broadcasting and live video streaming as in association marketing and event management. Here's why.

Why Social Broadcasting for Associations?

What is it? In a nutshell, social broadcasting is like a live TV broadcast – delivered to your computer or phone and giving you the option to interact with. Without getting overly technical, video streaming is content sent online in real time to the end viewer. The user doesn’t have to wait for the entire file to download, but rather view the content live – as it is made. Social live streaming uses the functionality of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook or Snapchat for real-time interaction between producers and viewers. This allows viewers to express their appreciation, ask questions, vote on content, become remote directors and directly interact with the action on screen in real time.

Live video streaming isn’t new, but the availability of technology via smartphones and dedicated apps has make streaming more accessible to everyone. It’s no longer necessary to invest in expensive hardware and software. Non-profits, smaller businesses and entrepreneurs now have the chance to engage their communities with interesting and engaging video content, making use of the social media platforms they are already established on.[1]

Social live streaming allows people to take part in events such as, workshops, live news coverage, and Q&As. 2016 has earned the title of “year of live streaming” due to the rise of popular apps, such as Periscope, Facebook Live and YouTube Live Streaming. This new technology is quickly becoming a key tool to strengthen engagement, offer value to partners and sponsors and generate new revenue. Video content continues to capture online users’ attention in a world of 140 characters, photos with filters and six second Snapchats. By enabling us to quickly create real-time live streams of our speakers, participants and sponsors, these platforms remove the stigma that video has to be well produced and edited to be seen, shared and appreciated. [2]

How to can Associations Benefit? A Micro Case Study

In March 2017, AssociationExecutives.EU ran a series of talks on Social Broadcasting for Associations at the Global MICE Day Brussels. These sessions where broadcast live via Twitter’s Periscope and instantly increased the participating audience by 150%. We also invited workshop participants to get behind the camera and create a walk-through the exhibition, interviewing exhibitors. The content was shared and liked instantly, with exhibitors very much appreciating the virtual global audience. The broadcasts were recorded and uploaded to AssociationExecutives.EU Live!, our YouTube Channel. The content is now available to association and event professionals worldwide, who are interested in using social broadcasting.

By choosing to live-stream our sessions, we greatly increased our audience and offered a richer experience for our participants. By reusing and reposting the content on YouTube and on our website, we are extending the life cycle of the content from 90 minutes to several years. We hope you will find them useful, too.

How to Enhance Your Association Events with Periscope

Talk by Benita Lipps, Executive Director of the DaVinci Institute Brussels and AssociationExecutive.EU Board member, on how to use Twitter’s Periscope for your event, exhibition or seminar. Recorded and broadcast via Periscope at the Global MICE Day in March 2017 for AssociationExecutives.EU Live!

How Facebook Live Can Add Value to Your Association Events

Talk by Alec Walker-Love, Communication Specialist at the European Science Communication Institute, on how Associations can make use of Facebook Live to enliven and enrich their conferences and events. Recorded and broadcast via Periscope at the Global MICE Day in March 2017 for AssociationExecutives.EU Live!