Call for ESAE Board Members

2017 Call for Board Members

ESAE would like to recruit 3-5 new, highly committed board members with a strong passion for the association sector.

About this opportunity

The European Society of Association Executives (ESAE) acts as the voice of association leaders in Europe and a platform for senior-level association managers in Europe. Our goal is to help members to work both smarter and better by connecting knowledge, insights and people.

At the moment, ESAE is in the process of expanding in terms of membership, partners and services. We aim to improve our reach beyond Brussels and become the knowledge provider when it comes to EU association management skills and training.

A key aspect of this process is the expansion of our current Board of Directors through a public call for applicants.

ESAE Board of Directors

The Board of Directors provides high-level leadership for the association, working closely with ESAE secretariat to set long-term organisational goals, provide financial oversight, and ensure adequate resources to achieve ESAE’s goals.

Board membership is honorary and voluntary. Each board member takes on several key responsibilities of the association, in consultation with his/her fellow board members, the member organisations of the ESAE and the secretariat. The board members are responsible for taking and implementing all major decisions within the organisation, supervising tasks and stepping in as project coordinators of some of the main projects (fundraising, event organisation, communication,..) of the association.

Position Profile

General Skills

ESAE’s board of directors is made up of a diverse group of association professionals from different sectors and backgrounds. Members respect each others’ experiences and abilities, and put ESAE’s mission before individual egos and agendas. We are looking for individuals with at least 3 years of relevant experience in the association sector with the following skills:

  • Understanding of the association community’s needs; passion for ESAE’s work.

  • Time and motivation to prioritise ESAE and board service.

  • Leadership – both in terms of vision and the ability to implement.

  • Comfortable working with multi-sector and multilingual groups and committees.

Specific Skills

In 2017, ESAE is looking specifically for board members with skills and experiences in one or more of the following areas in order to drive and implement ESAE’s development in these fields:

  • Fundraising

    Ability, willingness and time to raise additional resources and support for ESAE. Connections and networks to do so.

  • Marketing

    Marketing Strategy and planning, hands-on engagement and communication skills, brand development, sales marketing, social media/ SEO.

  • EU Policy, Politics & Advocacy

    Deep and detailed insights in the EU policy process, how advocacy and decision-making works, knowledge of current topics and developments, ability to develop ESAE’s advocacy role. Close connections to EU institutions.

  • Legal, Regulations, HR

    Advocate, legal counsel with knowledge of the legal, tax and association regulatory environment or HR specialist.

Other Relevant Skills

Organisational strategic planning; Business development; Financial management; Background in law.

General Duties

  • 01

    Support and articulate ESAE’s mission, vision and values. Be informed about the bylaws, policies, and regulations under which ESAE exists as they pertain to the duties of a Board member, as well as its mission, vision, values and strategies.

  • 02

    Network within different organisations and communities, serving as an ambassador to increase the understanding of and support for ESAE’s work

  • 03

    Provide leadership to board committees. Each board director is expected to serve as an active, ongoing member of at least one committee.

  • 04

    Identify and recruit volunteer leadership; and grow our donor base

  • 05

    Respond to staff and fellow board members in a professional, productive and timely fashion.

  • 06

    Use personal and professional skills, relationships and knowledge for the advancement of ESAE.

Time Commitment

  • Serve at least one tenure on the Board of Directors.
  • Attend at least 80% of scheduled board meetings, and actively participate by reading all materials and coming to board meetings prepared to discuss items on the agenda. The ESAE board currently meets every two months either in person in Brussels or via online conferencing. Meetings generally last 2 hours.
  • Dedicate at least five hours each month to ESAE, which includes attending board meetings, attending ESAE educational events, serving on committees, responding to emails, and performing other activities related to the successful operation of the association. Attending events to promote ESAE in the community.
  • Participate in the annual board development and planning retreat of each year related to Annual General Meeting.
  • Be accessible for contact in between board meetings via email correspondence and phone calls.

Process, Selection Criteria & Timeline

All applicants are requested to use the application form below for their submission.

Applicants have to be members of ESAE. All applicants will be considered based on prior society activity, relevant skills and qualifications, diversity in terms of both professional background and the commitment of the nominees to remain active during their tenure as Board Members.

Full-time association executives will be given priority over individuals working for AMCs or in association-related sectors.

The call opens on 23 February and closes on 2 April. Applicants will be voted on during the Board Meeting before the Annual General Meeting, notified by 15 April and new Board Members will be welcomed by the association during the AGM breakfast on 2 June.