Communication Task Force

The purpose of the Communications Taskforce is to create, collect, disseminate, and archive information that is important to the ESAE members.


The Communications Taskforce is responsible for the following:

  1. Identifying ESAE communications needs and priorities through appropriate consultation;
  2. Developing and periodically updating an ESAE communications strategic plan for board approval;
  3. Recommending communications initiatives to the board for approval, as appropriate;
  4. Supporting the efforts of the board by:
    • Developing and implementing a marketing plan
    • Sourcing, curating and developing content for the ESAE news channels (website, social media) and messages to the membership
    • Developing and implementing a plan for tracking content for Associations
  5. Promoting recognition and awareness of ESAE;
  6. Providing advice to Board, as appropriate, on communications matters as they arise;
  7. Identifying the annual budgetary requirements related to the delivery of communications;
  8. Providing periodic reports and updates to the Board on communications.


The Communication Taskforce consists of a Chair appointed by the ESAE President and up to 10 volunteer members, who are full ESAE members or partners. Any ESAE member can join the task force, following a call for members and will be appointed by the board for a period of 1 year, with a maximum of four consecutive terms.


Meetings of the Event Committee will be held at least bi-annually. A schedule of meetings will be developed and agreed to annually. Meetings will be held in Brussels with an option of virtual attendance, or as virtual meetings. It is expected that each member will attend a minimum of two meetings each year.


Recommendations and decisions of the Communications Taskforce, to the extent decisions may be rendered, shall be made by consensus. Quorum shall be a majority of the participating members of the Taskforce. The Communications Taskforce shall report to the Board. The Chair shall ensure that a record of all decisions and recommendations of the Communications Taskforce is maintained.


Chair: Davi Kaur (ECCO)

  • Roberto Zangrandi
  • Joel Alexandre
  • Ruta Lynikaite
  • Abby Bailey