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Join ESAE to refresh your know-how, get involved in the European association community, and stay up to date with industry trends.

ESAE membership is an important investment in your career as an association professional as it equips you with valuable connections, tools and resources that may assist you to achieve your objectives.

Whether you are an executive director, COO or head of unit; whether you work for a small or large association, there’s a membership for you! We also offer partnership opportunities for organisations and businesses providing services to the association sector.

Membership Benefits

Gain New Skills & Support

Enhance your professional skills and get answers to your most pressing questions.

To effectively lead an association requires a broad range of skills and knowledge. We assist our members to build and maintain their skills through peer2peer sessions and educational opportunities.

ESAE provides real and virtual spaces for members to share insights, challenges and information in a trustworthy and confidential setting.

Get Recognised

Get your voice heard and have your valuable experience and knowledge recognised.

ESAE invites you to share your insights and help us improve the European association profession. We assist you to be recognised for your experience by offering your the change to join one of our Committees or the the ESAE Faculty. We invite you to share your knowledge as a speaker, coach, mentor, by writing articles and getting engaged with the ESAE governance processes.

Stay informed

Keep you up-to-date with trends, legislation and news

ESAE membership helps you to keep up-to-date with key trends, innovations and legislatory changes in the European not-for-profit sector. We keep you informed through our events, via our member’s newsletter and social media.

We put you in touch with trusted industry partners to get preferential access to technology, marketing or destination support.

Join A Vibrant Community

Be part of a community dedicated to association excellence

When you join ESAE, you are joining a community of people who are working for more than just money. Find relevant new contacts, discover new career opportunities and network with colleagues to share ideas, challenges and best practices.

Connect with other members at our Brussels events, during industry events all over Europe, or virtually in our discussion groups.

Membership Plans



per yearA membership for individual association executives & leaders. Ideal for professionals in smaller associations

  • Join ESAE Events for Free
  • Access to Membership Platform
  • ESAE Insights & Member Directory
  • 15% off Executive Master tuition fees
  • Free Subscription to HQ magazine
  • Join ESAE Faculty & Committees
  • Exclusive Partner Offers
  • Participate with Colleagues
  • Host ESAE Debate

  • Author ESAE White Paper

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per year A membership for companies
and organisations offering
goods and services to the
association sector
  • Join ESAE Events for Free
  • Profile on Partner Page
  • Publish news on ESAE website
  • Presence on Membership Platform
  • Add your Story to ESAE Insights
  • Get ESAE Faculty Speakers
  • Create Exclusive Partner Offers
  • Commission studies & papers
  • Host ESAE Debate
  • Author ESAE White Paper
Join Now!

For any questions regarding our membership options above, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Membership FAQs

If you are working for an association, society or other type of membership organisation that is active in more than one European country, you can join ESAE. If you are a company or organisation offering goods and services to the association sector (DMCs, PCOs, CCBs, Consultancies, Headhunters, IT services), you can join as a partner.
ESAE membership runs for one calendar year from January 1st to December 31st. If you join after 31 August, we will only charge you 60% of the annual membership fee. This cannot combined with other offers.
ESAE membership renews automatically every year. If you want to stop or change your membership in the coming year, please let us know by 14 December in writing to info@esae.org
If you have an association membership, you can bring up to four colleagues! Individual membership is not transferable. However, your colleague can join you for one ESAE event for free.
We warmly invite you to do so. In fact, when you refer a new Association or Corporate member, both you and your referral will receive a 50€ credit towards your annual membership renewals. This offer is non-cumulative and cannot be combined with other promotions.
If you’d need more information or have additional questions, please use our contact form or email us directly at info@esae.org.