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Social Media

There’s no question that associations must implement and impactfully use social media channels. Any leading association knows this. If you want to lead, you can do it even if you face budget constraints. Don’t delay any further. My motivational message to you today is: think ‘persona.’

With social media, the question is not if, but how and when. Stop worrying, act on your association’s persona. If you were laboring over proposed 3 or 10 step solutions to jump into social media, but could not decide, or if you are now searching for a corrective turn to your existing but moribund use of social media, then act.

With social media, the question is not if, but how and when. Stop worrying, act on your association’s persona.Philip Springuel, ESAE President

The one step process I advise is to define who and what you want your organization to represent on social media. The persona exercise can be done on your own, or with specialists. If you’re clear that you want the association to be an ‘exuberant Hollywood star’ or the ‘quiet reliable scrivener’ then you have made the most important decision of your organisation’s social media life! You’ve set the boundaries of how you want to be perceived. Everything else, the next 3 to 10 steps, whatever they are, and whoever will advise you to implement them, will fall into place. So, get going!

Social MediaYour social media team, from the youngest to the most senior, will know what you expect once you have agreed what the persona is. Are you the forgivable Hollywood star, or the implacable reference for non-nonsense facts? What will matter most in the end is that you have not missed an opportunity to leverage yet another communication platform that presents itself to you, that may be impactful for a significant proportion of your association membership or following.

The question is not “do we or don’t we?” go to social media; it is “who do I want to be on this platform?” Allow for some flexibility and adaptation according to the platform, but always be conscious of – and consistent with – your association’s persona.

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Philip Springuel

Philip Springuel

ESAE Past President and Executive Director World Lottery Association